On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Rain, rain, rain—is this July? Mountaintop got 2.98 inches of rain last week according to Tom Clark’s weather report and Monday morning dawned with more and no power at my house in Rice Township. It was the second power outage of the week as at least 1900 customers were left in the dark Monday evening at 8:15 p. m. for about an hour. My MacBook battery was full and my Monday morning writing session was intact. I called in our outage and the friendly PPL employee asked me if I wanted to receive outage alerts from them. I agreed. They keep you posted as to when you can expect service restoration.

Tom Clark revised his weekly weather report to show that Mountaintop got an additional 2.32 inches of rain Monday morning bringing the total for the summer up to 10.55”. Please, please let us have a dry day or two.

The mountain trail that I enjoy every day was wetter than I have seen it this year the days after we got the biggest downpours on Monday and Thursday last week and then again Monday. The water draining down the mountain crossed the trail at a quick forceful pace. Slippery rocks on the trail and saturated earth in yards have kept drains and ditches full. The new zucchini and summer squash in my garden plump up overnight. The worst part for me is the dark cloudy days. We want our sunshine back!


Mid summer in Mountaintop sees the traffic at its lowest for the year. Many families are on vacation and our newsgathering focuses on interesting people stories. Last week we featured Matt LaVigna a young man who grew up in Mountaintop, married his high school girlfriend and had a successful career as a Secret Service Agent. Matt and his wife Gail Roche LaVigna are raising 3 daughters. Matt’s father Bill and Gail’s parents are Mountaintop residents.

The Eagle regularly features people who live in our community and events that call for a deeper exploration for our readers’ enjoyment. If you have any suggestions for us, please give us a call.

Black Bear Visit

We had our first bear visit shortly after 8 p. m. Sunday evening. A healthy looking black bear that we estimated was at least 350-400 lbs. walked across our back yard, stopped by our apple tree, stood upright on two legs and snatched a quick snack and then turned back into our backyard woods. It is always a thrill to observe wildlife.

The wildlife has been nibbling some of the plants in my garden. Beet and bean tops are ravaged, try to grow back and have repeat offenders. The tops of nearly all the sunflowers are gone. Broccoli and celery are also temptations. I am guessing that rabbits are sneaking in at night. I have seen a few in the yard. Our visiting cats got one small one and that is a natural deterrent. Lettuce and squash do not tempt the marauders. My tall mesh fence keeps the deer out for now.

Summer Coloring Contest The Mountaintop Eagle’s Second

Annual Summer Coloring Contest concludes this week. The entry form has been in the paper for each of our July editions and is due by Wednesday July 27. Children ages 3 to 8 are eligible. There are some great prizes including tickets to Dutch Wonderland, Turkey Hill Experience, Railriders and the Crayola Experience to be awarded on Thursday July 27. Thank you to all the parents who worked with their children to enter.

Farmers Markets Mountaintop continues to operate

two Farmers Markets on weekends this summer and fall. Nuangola holds their event on Saturday mornings at the Grove complex and the Rotary sponsors their market at Crestwood High School on Sundays from 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. The Rotary event is in its fourth year and Nuangola is marking their second year. The growing season is a couple of weeks behind this year so there are many weeks left to enjoy a visit.