Crestwood Graduate Bob Hines In 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class
ASTRONAUT CANDIDATE Bob Hines, a graduate of Crestwood High School, has been selected by NASA to train for a future space flight.

1993 Crestwood High School graduate Bob Hines, has been selected by NASA to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class where he will train for an upcoming space flight.

The Harrisburg native relates he has always been fascinated by aerospace, and loved to watch airplanes take off and land as a child. He remembers being enamored with the live space shuttle launches, and vividly remembers being in Mr. Zimmerman’s 5th grade Science class at Fairview Elementary, watching the Challenger launch. “That was burned into my mind,” noted Hines “it increased my interest in the space program.”

Hines explains that, despite a love of aerospace, he felt that becoming an astronaut was too lofty of a goal and focused his ambitions on becoming a pilot. The further he ventured into his career, however, the more Hines thought that space exploration was indeed within reach.

“The numbers were so small and I felt so far removed watching it on TV that it didn’t even dawn on me at first that it was possible,” said Hines. “After I started gaining more education and professional qualifications, I started to see parallels and eventually got to the point where it was attainable even if it was a long shot.”

Hines may still be in awe that he was chosen, but he certainly has plenty of experience for this next phase of his career. He has served in the U. S. Air Force and Air Force Reserves for 18 years where he