‘Operation Leave No Warrior Behind’ Honored Korean, Vietnam Veterans
VETERANS PARADE on July 30 was part of the “Operation Leave No Warrior Behind’ event featured a motorcycle run with 700 motorcycles riding from Mountaintop to Berwick. Mountaintop veteran Louie Debellis is shown in front.

As a way to honor the service and sacrifices of the veterans of the Korean and Vietnam wars, a parade was held July 30 to welcome home those veterans and to pay homage to those who were killed or missing in action.

The event, called “Operation Leave No Warrior Behind,” had an impressive turnout with over 700 motorcycles riding 26 miles from Mountaintop to Berwick with supporters lining the streets with American flags in hand and gratitude in their hearts.

At about noon, a small crowd gathered near the Crossroads Inn, at the intersection of Church Road and Main Street, to watch the motorcycles. A seemingly endless parade of bikers, most with American flags adorned on their vehicles, jackets, or bandanas, traveled down the road, some saluting or waving to the groups on the roadsides. The spectators ranged from older Americans to young children, being taught to show respect to the veterans.

Organizers noted that the event provided a long overdue gesture of honor for those who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars. With the ride starting at the American Legion Post 781 in Mountaintop, many local veterans followed the motorcycle escort by bus to the Berwick Legion where they were honored through various ceremonies.

Before the event, Gene Haverlak, of the Mountaintop Legion, described his experience in Vietnam. “I served as a combat vet in Vietnam