Soto Awarded Lorraine Button Tracy Scholarship
SOTO AWARDED SCHOLARSHIP-Valerie Soto, center, was awarded the Lorraine Button Tracy Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to be credited for next year to continue her studies at Holy Redeemer High School. Valerie is shown with Mrs. Anita Sirak, left, Holy Redeemer Principal, and Kate Button.

Valerie Soto was awarded the Lorraine Button Tracy Scholarship at the Holy Redeemer awards ceremony. The $1,000 scholarship will be credited for the next year to continue her studies at Holy Redeemer.

The scholarship was established in memory of Lorraine Button Tracy who attended St. Jude School, graduating in 1966. She was a 1970 graduate of St. Ann’s Academy, Wilkes-Barre, and graduated from Bucknell University cum laude where she was a National Honor Finalist.

Lorraine was hired by Electronic Data Systems, and embarked on a whirlwind career took her to Iran, Holland and finally Belgium.

During a vacation to Euro Disney, Paris, with her husband, Michael. Lorraine had an allergic reaction to horses that triggered an asthma attack. She died suddenly at age 40.

In addition to her husband, Lorraine left behind two young sons, Max, 10, and Eamon, 8. Max died just 11 months later of an asthma attack triggered by an allergy to milk.

The Max & Lorraine Foundation was formed, and along with the American Lung Association, sponsors Camp AsthmaCadabra, the only camp where children with asthma can go to enjoy the camping experience.

This year will be the 19th year for the camp. For more information please call 570-417-0239 or the American Lung Association at 570-498-6560.