St. Jude School

ST. JUDE STUDENTS CELEBRATE “S” WEEK-Students in the three-year-old program at St. Jude School were very busy during the letter “S” week. They started by making snakes, reading the Dr. Seuss book entitled Fox and “S”ocks, and then had a great time making “S”now ice cream! All of the

children had a chance to whisk together the ingredients of “S”ugar, vanilla extract, milk, and “S”alt. They were able to add “S”prinkles or chocolate “S”yrup to their ice cream if they wanted too. The four-year-old 5-Day Prek was also able to share in this tasty treat. Shown, from left: Lily Peterlin, Richie Lont, Sydney Millard, Calvin Schappert, Aria Karnoski, Robert Marcalus, and Luke Fauerbach.