Nuangola Council Discusses ‘Nuisance’ Properties, Roads

A property at the intersection of Lake and Vandermark streets has been a topic of interest at this summer’s Nuangola borough council meetings.

Residents have complained to council members that an unauthorized business has been operating there.

The property owner, Barry Seiwell, attended the August council meeting to state that he had applied for a permit from the zoning board to finish building a shed on the property. Once the shed is completed, he will be able to move his car parts and other equipment into the shed, and the property will no longer look messy, he said.

A former shed on the property had collapsed, and he needed to move items out of that shed in order to tear it down. But until he receives permission, he can’t finish the new shed, so the parts and equipment are strewn about, he said. He also stated that he is not running a business and that the car parts and equipment are his personal property.

Council referred Seiwell to zoning officer Barry Jacob for further action.

“It just seems like it’s taking a long time,” Seiwell said.

In other business:

Council heard an update about other properties that are considered “nuisance properties” due to disrepair. Some are now resolved, while others are still in process.

Council also discussed the state of roads in the borough, including areas where catch basins need to be cleaned out. Council announced that three catch basins had been cleaned out, and recent receipt of money from the sewer authority would allow for more work to be done. Council also announced that most of the potholes