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the liaison with the state and federal government and Herring says it is working well. He expressed thanks to Congressman Lou Barletta who helped secure the grant for the lighting improvements.

The township was also able to resolve a small dispute with homeowners and the EPA regarding a beaver dam on the Black Creek, which was causing water levels to rise in the swampy areas around the creek. The township installed a pipe in May through the beaver dam and below the surface to maintain current water levels. The EPA approved the finished project which will maintain water levels for homeowners around the watershed, prevent road washouts and bridge damage, and protect wildlife. Since the pipe is below the water surface, the beavers, which depend on the sound of moving water to identify areas to construct their dams, will no longer be at odds with humans in the area.

“There is so much wildlife there because of that water” said Herring “Eagles, ospreys, everything. We want to protect that.” The township is also currently

exploring grant and equipment options for improvements to the Slocum Township Municipal Park that cater to younger children. They are also looking into resurfacing the basketball and tennis courts.

Herring, the township EMA coordinator, announced that PPL will be having their annual picnic at Knoebel’s Grove on August 26. All members of the township EMS and EMA may call PPL to make their reservations. After that, the training for emergencies related to the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station continues with a PPL-EMA drill on September 7 at 6pm.

The next meeting of the Slocum Township Supervisors will be Tuesday, September 5 at 7pm at the Slocum Township Firehall.