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and three saves in 22 innings and 10 appearances. He says the experience he has gained at the Triple-A level has been immeasurable and he is ready to make the move to Norfolk.

“I could probably talk about what I’ve learned for 45 minutes, but the biggest thing I’ve learned is attitude. Having to throw every pitch with a certain amount of conviction and truly trusting in yourself to deliver,” remarks Wotherspoon.

Wotherspoon had appeared in twenty-seven games this season prior to being traded to the Baltimore Orioles over the Independence Day weekend with a 3-1 record and 1.85 ERA with 45 strikeouts in 39 innings pitched. He had finished what had been his best AAA game, pitching three perfect innings while striking out four in a spot start against the Syracuse Chiefs a few days prior, when he got the news he had been traded.

“It was a shock at first,” Wotherspoon recalled. “But I am just excited for the opportunity.”

Wotherspoon pointed out his experience with the RailRiders has allowed him to experience the better level of competition at the Triple-A level. “Triple-A hitters are smarter. They understand the strike zone more and won’t swing at junk. Most guys in Triple A have played in the majors and have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to do at the plate.”

Wotherspoon relates that, despite that level of play, he doesn’t pitch any differently.

“I just have to make my pitches all good quality pitches; That’s about it,” he continued. “I cant worry about what they’re trying to do. I have to make my pitches.”

Wotherspoon travelled to PNC Field with the Tides about two weeks after the trade on July 17 for a three-game series. This time, he headed to the visitors clubhouse, but says it was still a nice homecoming.

“It was a little weird going to Scranton but it was good to see all those guys and see the coaching staff,” says Wotherspoon. “It was definitely fun.”

Wotherspoon notes that he is thrilled to be a part of the Orioles and is excited for an opportunity to learn and grow with the organization. Asked where he would like to be a year from now, Wotherspoon did not hesitate, saying, “Pitching in Camden yards in the middle of a pennant race.”

“I think for me right now its continuing to repeat and execute pitches over and over again. I’m throwing the ball pretty well right now and hope to have the opportunity to pitch in the big leagues this year or next. If and when it comes, I’ll be ready ,” concludes the future star.