St. Jude Picnic 2017
HOPING TO HIT THE JACKPOT at St. Jude’s Picnic last weekend were Devyn Boich, McKaylia Ward and Katie Wills.
TASTY FOOD was a very popular feature at the St. Jude Picnic last weekend. Chloe and Brooklynn Peters seemed to favor the sweet treats.
WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! The open pit BBQ Chicken Dinner at St. Jude Picnic last Sunday was a big hit with hungry picnic goers. Philip and Dorothy Stortz were among the many who enojyed the delicious meal.
‘GET YOUR 50/50 TICKETS RIGHT HERE’-Karen Brownell and Lauren Lont did a great job of promoting 50/50 ticket sales at the St. Jude Picnic last weekend.
FRIENDS Addison Anderson and Alyssa Leight stopped by the Facepainting booth for a new look at the St. Jude Picnic.