Investigation Continues Car Strikes, Injures Seven In Rice Twp.

A car struck and badly injuredseven family members while theywere walking along AleksanderBoulevard in Rice Township lastFriday.

It was a sunny day in the quietPolonia Estates neighborhood, andthe family had gone for a walk todeliver some homemade headbandsto their neighbors’ house, accordingto Annette Mann, an emergencyroom physician at Lehigh ValleyHospital in Hazleton. Mann was justwaking up and eating breakfast afterworking the night shift the previousnight when she heard “a tremendousboom” on the street outside her housearound 1 p. m.

“I heard screaming, and there wasa gentleman in the road covered inblood,” she said. When she ran tohelp him, he grabbed her by the ankleand said, “My babies!” That’s whenMann saw six additional victims ona lawn.

The injured were Bryan Herbst, 35, his wife Nina, 38, and their childrenTyler, 7, Caden, 6, Ella, 5, Tessa 10months, and the children’s cousinGabbie Carlin, 8.

The Herbsts live just around thecorner from Aleksander Boulevard. They were walking along a straightstretch of road with unimpededviews.

The driver who struck the familywas Jigna J. Kyada, 51, who livesacross the street from the Herbsts. Kyada was taken into custody forquestioning but later released. Herwhite Nissan sedan crossed lanesbefore striking the family.