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didn’t let him down. With a team score of 299, Crestwood was only the second team to break 300 at the tournament in event history; Holy Redeemer did so in 2013. Also, although Dallas won the tournament last year, that team’s score was 321, significantly higher than Crestwood’s winning score this year.

The top Crestwood scorers who won the Tryba Tournament were junior Jeremy Harper, with a score of 73, senior Shane Angle, with 75, and junior C. J. Bono, 79. Senior Mike Golden was most important to the win, scoring first place with 72 strokes. He earned the best score out of any individual at the tournament. Having only played golf for three years, Golden’s game has dramatically improved since his sophomore year when he joined the team and Jarolen noted that he has high hopes for an incredible year for Golden and his teammates.

Asked why he thinks Crestwood’s golf team is so successful, Jarolen replied, “We are very fortunate to have Blue Ridge as our home golf course. The people at Blue Ridge are so good to us.”

He went on to say that many of the golfers from his team work during the summers at Blue Ridge Golf Course, in Dorrance, allowing them constant access to the game and the chance to practice there during free time. “They definitely have the opportunity to hit a lot of balls out while they’re there,” he added.

Crestwood’s golfers can start in 7th grade and many do, often with previous golf experience. Still, Jarolen said, he’s also gotten his share of students who join his team having never played golf. He patiently guides them to success and their love of the game takes over.

“Unlike any other game, it is addicting once you start,” he explained. “Players like to hit a ball a long way and watch it disappear. And they see progress in their game very quickly. If you’re a novice, it’s not easy to improve, but you do see a quick improvement, which motivates.”

The Crestwood team has 40 members, ranging from 7th to 12th grade, with students not able to play varsity level until their freshman year. Jarolen admitted that, in competition, many of the 40 don’t get a chance to play, as the team is ambitious and he usually plays only his best six.

After the Tryba Tournament on Auguust 21, Crestwood beat Wyoming Valley West on the 22nd, and defeated Dallas, its fiercest competitor, on August 23. The team is already plugging away to ensure victory at its next match with Dallas, on Sept. 11, as they will play there and, Jarolen said, playing on one’s home course is an extreme advantage in golf.

Jarolen has coached at Crestwood since 1985, coming to the school with a love of the game that he picked up at an early age, playing at the college level at Wilkes. While much of the world has changed in the past 32 years, the camaraderie of playing golf hasn’t. “The technology in the clubs themselves has improved, the game has evolved,” said Jarolen. “But the players, they haven’t changed. They pretty much remain the same.”