Colorful Rocks Spread Happiness In Mountain Top
CREATING FUN FINDS-Mountain Top Rocks are spreading a little happiness around the community. Larissa Benjamin and her children have been painting colorful rocks and hiding them around the mountain to the delight of those who find them. Larissa is shown painting with children, Remington Wilkes, Colten Wilkes, and Jolene Benjamin

Mountain Top resident Larissa Benjamin is spreading kindness one painted rock at a time.

On a trip to Valdosta, Ga., this summer, she happened upon a small painted rock, and her niece told her, “Oh yeah, they’re doing that everywhere.”

After a little research, Larissa discovered that people in towns around the country are painting rocks with cheerful pictures or sayings and leaving them for others to find as a way of spreading kindness and brightening people’s days.

Larissa decided Mountain Top needed to get in on the action. She set up a Facebook page, “Mountain