On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

First light comes later and later each day as we approach November. I am looking forward to turning the clocks back one hour and seeing daylight at 7 a. m. again. I love the early morning hours to read the news and get ready for my day. The temperatures this year have been more moderate for October so my morning walk is still on the schedule. Sunrise is 7:26 a. m. today October 25 and when Regular Standard Time begins November 5, 2017 it will be 6: 39 a. m. The days will continue to shorten for seven more weeks until we make the turn toward spring at the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2017.

I enjoy the change of seasons. We have been blessed to have a beautiful extended fall. The spring was slow to start and now we have an additional bonus on the back end.

Eagle Milestone

The Mountaintop Eagle concludes 32 years of publishing under my ownership this week. I purchased the Eagle’s name and subscriber list from Pete Eyerly, publisher of the Press-Enterprise newspaper in Bloomsburg on October 31, 1985. Desktop publishing was in its infancy. I purchased two Macintosh computers and a LaserWriter and my small staff embarked on our new venture. All these years and many Macs later, Managing Editor Kathy Flower is still at her desk putting together each week’s entertaining edition.

Our current staff includes Kathy and Samantha Murphy taking the reins for reception, graphic design, subscriptions and circulation and the business department. John Wengrzynek has been our talented photographer for most of the 32 years. Andrea O’Neill, Nicole Barr and Rebecca Sodergren contribute editorial support covering public meetings and writing feature stories. Cheryl Weyrauch is our advertising salesperson. The team supports each other and a collaborative innovative office atmosphere makes all of our jobs enjoyable and productive.

Next week our front page will read Volume 33, Number 1, Wednesday, November 1, 2017. All these years later we continue to cover Mountaintop’s news with a “Quality Community Journalism” moniker. May the Eagle continue to “Fly High” for many years to come.

Election Time

The General Election is in 2 weeks. The local races are on the ballot this year including Luzerne County Council, District Magistrate, Crestwood School Board, and the municipal supervisor, councilperson, auditor and tax collector positions.

Many of the candidates are featured in this week’s edition and there will be a few more next week. Political signs are posted in yards, at intersections and along right of ways. The intensity does not match the primary election in May with many candidates eliminated, but there are still races to be decided November 7.

Elections in off years, when only local candidates are on the ballot, can result in low voter turnout. Your vote counts for every candidate you support. Make sure you vote on November 7. An absentee ballot option is available too. Details are on the luzernecounty.orgwebsite.

Birthday Fun

I celebrated my birthday October 22 and enjoyed receiving calls from my children and Facebook greetings from dozens of “friends” all day long. I started my special day with an invigorating hike into the Gamelands, followed by an enjoyable golf round with Jerry and Helene Skrocki at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course. Dinner with Charlie at the Powerhouse Restaurant capped off the day. We enjoyed new episodes of Outlander and Poldark for my birthday entertainment. It is a nice tradition to be remembered on a birthday.

Church Traditions This weekend Patrick Dicus will

make his Confirmation in Brooklyn, NY and I am honored to be his sponsor. Patrick is 14. I was 11 or 12 when my special day came so long ago. It is always special to participate in the rituals of the church.

St. Jude’s new church is getting positive reviews since it was dedicated September 17. Attendance at the two Sunday Masses at 8:30 a. m. and 11 a. m. has filled the pews with the overflow worshippers participating from the open vestibule. With the shortage of priests in the Scranton Diocese finding additional help for the Sunday schedule is challenging. St. Jude’s went from four Sunday Masses to two. For now plan to come early to get a seat.

Noteworthy Events There are several noteworthy

community events this week. The Mountaintop Rotary is holding a Community Forum on the Opioid Crisis tomorrow October 26, 7 p. m. at the Crestwood Secondary Campus. Drug overdoses are rampant locally and nationwide. Doctors from the Lehigh Valley Health Network will explain the medical facts of opioid abuse and Wright Township Police will discuss local law enforcement’s approach to dealing with the crisis.

In the spirit of the Halloween season the 7th Annual Trunk or Treat will be held on Division Street across from the parking lot at Christ United Methodist Church at 175 S. Main Rd on Saturday October 28 at 5 p. m. The Crestwood Key Club will be hosting games, face painting, crafts and children will explore decorated cars with treats in their trunks from the community. Our own Samantha Murphy representing the Mountaintop Eagle and some of the other Mountaintop Small Business Partners will be bringing their cars. All will have a good time.

The Rotary Club’s 2017 Farmer’s Market concludes this Sunday November 29, 9 a. m. to 1 p. m. in the Crestwood High School parking lot. The Rotary event has been held for several years and we hope to see it back again in 2018.