Ice Lakes

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tax is $5 for the township and $5 for the school district from each township resident.

Both income and expenditures for 2018 are estimated at $1,247,182.

Income is expected to come from taxes ($932,550); police service provided to other municipalities ($45,465); licenses and permits including the cable television company’s payment for the right to access township land ($24,938); interests, rents and royalties ($12,260); fees, code inspections and recyclables ($8,700) and other receipts ($2,500). The township will also receive $130,000 in “liquid fuels” –money the state pays to the township for road maintenance –and $90,769 in state funds for pension and fire aid.

The highest projected expenditures are for the police department ($362,961), health insurance ($138,478), property and bonding insurance ($86,859), roads ($80,259), the fire department ($62,826), administration ($59,052), police pensions ($56,289), public works ($53,995), workers’ compensation ($52,500), employer-paid benefits ($43,299), and township buildings ($33,000).

“Liquid fuels” is listed as an expenditure of $130,000 as well as an income figure because those state funds pass through the township budget to be applied to road repairs.

Other expenses include $16,796 for non-uniform pension, $16,090 for tax collection including printing and mailing of bills, $15,000 for legal services, $14,407 for ice and snow removal, $11,200 for recycling and sewage, $7,500 for zoning and planning, $5,750 for parks and playgrounds, and $922 for miscellaneous costs.

Supervisors also:

Prohibited mini casinos in the township following the state legislature’s decision earlier this year to allow 10 mini casinos in the state.

Approved a resolution stating that, in compliance with the police contract, no deductions would be taken from police paychecks for the police pension fund.

Agreed to apply for grants to pave Laurel Drive ($225,000) and Ice Lakes Drive ($120,000), buy a new backhoe ($105,000) and police cruiser ($34,000), and demolish and replace the former firehouse with a new township building and community center ($1.5 million). After the meeting, Beck said none of the projects is approved at this time, but “if you don’t apply, you don’t get” the money for the wish list.

Approved payment of $3,416 to AmTrust North America as the final workers’ compensation insurance payment following the annual audit.

Hired Pinnacle Cleaning for cleaning service at $80 per month.

Approved 2018 dues payments of $275 to the Northeastern Pennsylvania Alliance, $125 to the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs training Discount Program, $30 to the Luzerne County Boroughs and Townships Association and $150 to the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

Announced that the township had received its requested waiver from MS4 storm water management requirements from the state Department of Environmental Protection, “saving the township thousands of dollars.”

Heard from Rick Harmon and Ken Fenstermacher of Barry Isett & Associates, who presented their firm’s code enforcement services.

Announced the next meeting at 7 p. m. Tuesday, Jan. 2, beginning with the reorganization meeting for 2018.