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Hose Company, which has been finding it difficult to financially sustain itself. That tax will increase a resident’s mileage by .0003, meaning that, for every $100,000 of assessed value on a property, a homeowner will pay an additional township tax of $30. While property taxes contribute $310,000 to Fairview’s budget, the fire tax is estimated to bring in $115,000.

Resident Tom Gemmell asked if the fire tax will now require the fire company to be audited. Orloski explained that the hose company agreed to hand over its financial records to the township each year. “We have a CPA that does our financials,” added David Hourigan, hose company president. “It all will be accounted for.”

Further in the Fairview 2018 budget, expenditures include $151,344 toward the general government, which includes salaries and office expenses, and $50,660 for the operation of the township building. Police salaries total $383,294 and miscellaneous police expenses are set at $129,620.

For highway operation, $409,695 has been budgeted, and, in addition, $75,000 will be set aside for culvert repair on Lake Road and another $10,000 will go toward removal of the Mary Street Bridge. Planning and zoning expenditures total $23,250.

In the liquid fuels portion of Fairview’s budget, $287,000 is marked for expenditures, with the bulk of that contributing to road repairs and $50,000 set for equipment rental and snow removal. After state aid and a carry over of $115,000 from last year’s budget, the liquid fuels revenue matches the expenditure rate.

Other business

In other business, Hourigan reported that, in November, the hose company answered 19 calls. Newsletters were sent to 1,687 residents, explaining about the fire tax and no feedback was received, he said. On Dec. 17, Santa Claus will be riding through neighborhoods on a firetruck, visiting local children and handing out candy canes.

Fairview Police handled 307 incidents in November, including 10 burglar alarms, six disturbances, fights, or disputes, five domestic disputes, two thefts, and one narcotics arrest, reported Orloski. A robbery in Fairview Township also occurred last month, at Curry Donuts, and the suspect was identified and arrested the next day.

Police made one driving-under-the-influence arrest last month, issued 27 traffic citations, and 53 warnings, Orloski went on. Several officers attended training sessions in November as well. Later in the meeting, supervisors approved the purchase of a 2018 police cruiser from Kovatch Ford, at a cost of $41,387. A grant has been secured for $30,000 of that cost and the township will pay for the rest.

The board appointed Grevera and Associates, CPA to perform an audit for 2017, at a cost of $3,795. Supervisors also approved a reverse subdivision for two contiguous lots owned by the Glen Summit Company. The purpose of the move is to consolidate the two lots, owned by a single owner, into one lot that is less than ten acres.

Road crews seal-cracked four or five different roads in the township in November, Marhold reported, and they’ve been clearing debris and leaves from storm outlets. All salt-spreading equipment and plows are ready for the first snowfall, he added.

The township’s zoning department took in $1,594 in fees in the month of November, reported Zoning Officer John Doddo. Construction on a Dale Drive property continues to be halted, he said, as several issues brought up by the township engineer have to be addressed.