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salary of $5,600 for the year, and the township secretary’s salary is $37,000.

$20,000 in “contributions,” the township’s allotted funds for the fire department.

$18,500 for buildings and grounds, including fuel, utilities, building maintenance and repairs, renovations, materials and supplies.

$18,000 in loan payments for the township garage.

$11,865 for tax collection, which includes commissions paid to tax preparers and tax collectors, plus other small expenses.

$8,800 in loan payments for a township truck.

$6,600 for planning and zoning wages.

$4,900 for the zoning hearing board, including wages, legal fees and stenographer’s fees.

$4,550 for recycling expenses. $4,000 for streetlights. $2,000 for recreation.

$2,000 for the township’s spring cleanup. $1,500 of this amount is expected to be recouped through fees for each vehicle load of debris, and the $1,500 figure is included accordingly in the township’s projected income figures for 2018.

$200 for emergency management supplies.

In other business, supervisors:

Discussed a letter from resident Brian Mackowski of Blue Ridge Trail indicating that trash from K-Val convenience store has been blowing onto his property. Zoning Officer Alan Snelson said he had reviewed the letter and then visited K-Val, where he found an overflowing dumpster with debris blowing out of it, several overflowing trash cans and one overturned trash can.

“I asked him to start to take care of his litter issues,” Snelson said, noting he would stop by to inspect the property from time to time. In response to an audience question, he said if the situation doesn’t improve, “we’ll review it with our solicitor.” He noted K-Val is in violation of state law because trash is blowing onto neighboring properties.

Voted to prohibit mini-casinos in the township. Attorney Sean Logsdon, filling in for Solicitor Don Karpowich, said municipalities that want to prohibit mini-casinos are required to do so by Dec. 31, according to the new state legislation that created mini-casinos. Supervisor Bill Wengrzynek pointed out that the township most likely wouldn’t be allowed to have a mini-casino anyway because it’s so close to Mohegan Sun Pocono. But if an opportunity for a mini-casino did arise and supervisors decided they wanted one after all, Logsdon clarified that they would be allowed to rescind their prohibition on mini-casinos.

Voted to allow Mountain Top Youth Soccer Association to use township fields for the spring and fall 2018 seasons.

Heard from Snelson that two new single-family homes are planned for Alberdeen Road and Sunset Road.

Heard correspondence from Snelson and from Brior Environmental Services Inc. asking for reappointment to their posts as zoning officer and sewage enforcement officer, respectively, in 2018.

Announced the annual reorganization meeting, to be followed by the regular monthly supervisors meeting, at 7 p. m. Jan. 2 at the municipal building.