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of the school’s buildings. The evaluation will help the district decide what renovations should be a priority and what may need improvement in the future. The elementary schools are marked to be renovated on the plan as well.

Throughout the process, some residents questioned the practicality of taking out such a large bond and how it is spent. Board Chairman William Jones replied to some of them at an earlier meeting, “If you think we’re trying to waste money, we’re not…We just can’t let our buildings fall apart.”

Curriculum changes

In addition to physical alterations, the curriculum and administration was entirely revamped for the 2017-18 school year. Assistant Superintendent Joseph Rasmus explained the curriculum changes this summer and how the district decided the changes were needed. While assessing the current structure of the schools and analyzing the marketplace, economy, and atmosphere of local colleges, it was decided that Crestwood needed to revamp its teaching methods.

Fairview and Rice elementary schools are now working in sync with each other and using a team approach to learning among departments. The high school and middle school were merged to form the secondary campus. The previous middle school schedule was dismantled and replaced with a five-day schedule of alternating days of double instructional periods for language, math, and science. Starting in seventh grade, 10 new related arts classes are offered and the classes fit under one of five career clusters –business, communication, social sciences, technology, and science.

At the high school level, more than 20 new course offerings are helping prepare students for college and the work force. The new classes cover areas such as industry, technology, and mass communications. Students are now also exposed to opportunities at an earlier age, such as science enthusiasts being taught four levels of science in their freshman year, biology in the first marking period and chemistry, physics, and environmental science in the following three. Other offerings the district now has includes Early College, an expansion of the Young Scholars program, which allows students to take college courses while in high school, traditionally English, math, or science classes.

As far as administration, Crestwood’s two elementary schools changed principals for the 2017-18 school year. Kevin Seyer, Rice Elementary’s former principal moved to Fairview and took over as principal there. He replaced Peg Foster, who now is a co-principal at the secondary campus. Joseph Delluso, who was the assistant principal at the high school, replaced Seyer as the principal of Rice. Bonnie Gregory, who was the middle school principal, is now working as coprincipal of the secondary campus with Foster. Chris Gegaris, who had been the high school principal for over a decade, was promoted this year to chief of district operations. In that role, he supervises operations across the district, helping

Crestwood become more competitive with other schools in the state, and taking the lead on new initiatives, such as a district cyber school.