Mountain Top Historical Society Documents, Shares Town History

After years of being inactive, the Mountain Top Historical Society is regrouping, hoping to find new members and resume its original objective to document and share the history of the town, for both younger generations and those new to the area. The Society will meet on Jan. 22 at 7 p. m., at Cavanaugh’s Grille, and members invite anyone interesting in joining or just eager to share stories of the town’s past, to attend.

“Mountaintop has a quiet history, but it’s a rich history,” stated Scott Hilenski, current president of the Historical Society. “There’s really an interesting history here and we don’t want that knowledge to be lost.”

A fifth-generation Dorrance native, Hilenski grew up fascinated by the stories his grandparents and ancestors would tell. His great-great grandparents built the family farm in Dorrance, the next generation owned a bake shop, and the one after that a fish market. Hilenski stressed the value of interviewing older residents about the past as, once they are gone, their stories may go with them.

If someone is fond of history, Hilenski recommended that person sit down with a tape recorder and ask the older generations of their family questions. “Ask them about people, places, events, neighbors they used to have, where they used to work on the mountain…” he related.

The Historical Society began in 2002 when Bob Gaetano, an art