NUANGOLA REPORGANIZES-Nuangola Mayor Norman Rule, at left, swore in new council member Thomas Williams and returning members Mark Gandzyk and Joe Tucker at the Councils’ first meeting of 2018.

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to one truck, a pickup, which was overworked during the blizzard last March and is also starting to need repairs, Tucker said. He is hoping the borough will get a Local Share Account gaming grant to buy another truck also.

In other business, council also:

Discussed sewer authority business and noted that the borough building, after paying for sewer service for three years, no longer has to pay because other municipal buildings in the area don’t pay for sewer service. Tucker suggested the fire department also shouldn’t have to pay and said the borough will need to negotiate the terms before a planned turnover of the borough’s sewer authority to Mountaintop Area Joint Sewer Authority in the future.

Discussed delinquent properties in the borough. Dean will make a full report at next month’s meeting on the borough’s progress in cleaning up such properties.

Heard from Thomas, who said she had collected more outstanding garbage collection bills, but 18 still remain. Dean will send a letter to the remaining property owners notifying them of their legal obligation to pay.

Discussed County Waste’s unclear policy on holiday pickup.

“The day after Christmas, we all put out trash out, and it wasn’t collected,” Tucker said. “Last night [Jan. 1] we all put our trash out, and it wasn’t collected. Luckily the bears have gone to sleep.

“Getting a schedule for 2018 wouldn’t be that difficult,” he said, but Thomas noted she hasn’t been able to get County Waste to produce such a document.

Announced a need for volunteers for Nuangola Emergency Management. Gandzyk said anyone interested in serving should contact a council member for more information.

Near the end of the meeting, Lauer made an announcement thanking Plodwick for her service of 19 years, noting Plodwick had been skilled in winning grants for the borough, including a grant to buy new windows for the municipal building.

Next month’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p. m. Feb. 13.