St. Jude Students Showcase Spirit At Basketball Kick Off Pep Rally
SEVENTH GRADE STUDENTS get ready to cheer on their school. Front from left: Shreya Rupareliya, Taylor Bayley and Veronica Gorka. Row two: Joshua VanPelt, James Young, Hillary Hoda, Molly Jameson, Gemma Alberti, Sydney Kozden, and Katelyn Bozinko. Back: Charles Molecavage, Caden Sparich, Michael Tomczyk, Nicholas Kremski, Ryan Martinelli, Anthony DellDonna, Joseph Novak.
FIRST PEP RALLY -Mrs. Papciak’s 4 year olds get into the Saint Jude spirit at their first pep rally. Shown are St. Jude students Neal Hoppe, Liam Truschel and Caden Lavelle.
FIFTH GRADE GIRLS Julia Dvorak, Virginia Franks, Cadence Erwine and Abigail Young. Anna Ostaltsov, Shannon Jameson, Allison VanPelt and Grace Tedford show their Saint Jude Spirit!
FIFTH GRADERS Anna Ostaltsov, Shannon Jameson, Allison VanPelt and Grace Tedford. show their Saint Jude Spirit!

Saint Jude School, led by their energetic Eighth Grade Class, recently held a school pep rally to kick off the basketball season. Students in grades Kindergarten through eight grades were introduced to loud cheers from the entire student body along with the faculty and staff.

Teacher vs. student games were held with both teams winning one event.

Grades four through eight then competed to claim the School Spirit Stick an annual tradition to showcase who has the most Saint Jude spirit. Classes danced, cartwheeled and sang their way into the competition. Seventh grade ultimately took home the title with their adaptation of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which they did “Saint Jude style”.

We wish all of the Saint Jude basketball teams luck this season, Go Nomads!