Nuangola Mayor Norman Rule Serves For Quarter Century
NUANGOLA MAYOR Norman Rule was sworn in earlier this month for his seventh term. Magisterial District Judge Ferris Webby swore Rule in at Council’s Jan. 2 reorganization meeting.

Norman Rule has just completed a quarter century as Nuangola’s mayor and signed on for more.

District Judge Ferris Webby swore Rule in to start his seventh mayoral term on Jan. 2. He initially became mayor when his predecessor resigned and council appointed him to the post, and he went on to be elected seven times in his own right.

Current Council President Joe Tucker says of Rule, “Everybody in this community loves him. I’ve never heard anybody say a bad thing about him.”

Rule’s father built at auto repair garage on Van Avenue in Nuangola in 1934, and Rule worked there in high school and went on to own it himself. Although many people would choose to retire, Rule goes to work at his garage every morning. He walks home to fix lunch and then walks back and works for the afternoon, Tucker said.

Much has stayed the same in Nuangola during Rule’s mayoral tenure. “It’s grown a bit, but it’s still a nice little town,” Rule said.

Rule’s service to his community is not limited to the office of mayor. He’s also the president of the Nuangola Volunteer Fire Department, where he has been a volunteer for more than 50 years and has served as president for nearly 40. He has also served on the board of Nuangola’s Theatre at the Grove since it reopened in 2001.

Tucker moved to Nuangola from Wilkes-Barre 10 years ago and found Rule a helpful neighbor from day one. Rule always kept in touch with what was happening with his fellow citizens by driving borough roads every Sunday after church, Tucker said. “People just aren’t like that