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2015 survey participants, however, cited population growth and township development as positives.

Unchanged from 1997, Wright Township is still a residential community, made mainly of single-family homes occupied by homeowners, with few rental properties. In the past dozen years since Urosevich has been on the planning commission, he noted that not many new housing developments have cropped up in the township.

While the majority of the township, 62 percent, is zoned as C1, or Conservation District, only three percent is zoned as B1 or B2, Business District. Another 13 percent of the township includes the Crestwood Industrial Park, which not only has manufacturing plants but has recently had some commercial businesses established there. This is a good for the township, Urosevich said, as new businesses help increase the tax base of the community.

As far as governmental objectives, residents in both 1997 and 2015 gave a positive assessment of local leaders, as well as fire and police services. And, while the existing recreational facilities were viewed positively, such as the park that consist of playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, and walking trails, the public did voice the desire for a community swimming pool.

The full results of the 2015 community survey are available for public review at the township’s municipal building. Following the analysis of these results, further data collection has taken place and, with the compilation of more public input to be gathered at the April 3 meeting, the final draft of the new comprehensive plan is hoped to be presented to supervisors for approval by the end of this year.