St. Jude’s Celebrates 100th Day Of School
FIRST GRADERS celebrate the 100th day of school. Front: Keirsi Mooney, Julie Truschel, Neal DeAngelo and Caleb Brownell. Back: Olivia Reinhart, Matthew Crowell, Leah Smith, Molly Unis and Spencer Obmann.
THIRD GRADERS-It’s walkers and white hair for these Saint Jude 3rd graders. Front: Gabriella White, Cali Glaser, and Emily Conway. Back: Camden Brownell, Avari DeAngelo, Emily Carone, Giada Alberti and Gabrielle Carlin.
KINDERGARTEN AND PRESCHOOL students celebrate the 100th day. Front: Ava Moyer, Addison Potsko, Liam Skutnik and Noah Keiser. Back: Preston Roche, Maya Martin, Brady Lavelle, Gabrielle Serock and Liam Truschel.
SECOND GRADERS dressed in 100 year old style. Front: JJ Pavlick, Tyler Tressler, Raymond Mazur, Eric Strish. Back: Gavin Serock, Zoe Pray, Luke Gordon and Kaitlyn Ziomek.

The Saint Jude primary grade wing was all curlers and bifocals this past week as the Pre-K through 3rd graders celebrated the 100th day of school.

Students dressed as if they were 100 years old and took part in activities throughout the classrooms. Some dressed in varying patterns of plaid, while others wore gray wigs and came with canes and walkers.

Activities included collecting 100 items from home to demonstrate what 100 looks like, making a gumball machine with 100 gumballs in it, making self-portraits about what students would look like at 100 years old, doing 100 different exercises (10 at a time) and writing stories about what life at 100 years old would be like.