Construction On Dale Drive Home In Fairview Township Resumes

Construction has now resumed for a new home on Dale Drive, and its driveway, which were both criticized for not fitting in with the character of the neighborhood. Residents were told at the Feb. 6 Board of Supervisors meeting that the property owner has gone through the proper channels and obtained the necessary permits for construction.

Originally, the work at the property was halted after a handful of neighbors complained to township supervisors about the aesthetics of the new construction, particularly the driveway, and it was discovered the new home was being built without a permit. Two of the most vocal neighbors continued this month to question the zoning law that would allow this type of driveway and pressed the board to update or amend the existing ordinances.

Starting last fall, Mark Zurek, Tom Gemmell, and other neighbors of the 72 Dale Drive property, began voicing their concerns. They sought answers about the construction of an extended driveway on the property, which they said is unsightly and devalues their neighborhood. They said it looks more like a trail or access road and that the new home will be out of character with the neighborhood as it is going to be built far back into the woods. Concerns also arose about stormwater runoff from the new home.

At the supervisors’ October meeting, it was revealed, to the neighbors’ as well as the supervisors’ astonishment, that the builder, Joe Thomas, had not secured a permit