Convenience Store Again Faces Neighbors’ Ire In Dorrance Twp.

The primary issue at Dorrance Township supervisors’ February 12th meeting was a complaint from Richard Smith Sr., who owns a property next to K-Val Convenience Store at Blue Ridge Trail and St. Mary’s Road.

According to the printed meeting agenda, Smith contended in a letter to supervisors that the store’s gas price sign shines brightly into his home, the sign is too close to the property line, garbage blows from the store’s lot onto his property daily, the store’s vacuum machine and tire machine are too close to the property line and need to be moved, and the store owner needs to build an eight-foot fence along the property line.

Supervisors, along with zoning officer Alan Snelson and township solicitor Don Karpowich, reviewed the convenience store’s official drawings and the township’s zoning code book and determined that K-Val’s owner probably can’t be forced to put up a fence because Smith’s property is zoned for business, not for residential use. A fence would be required only when a business abuts a property that’s used primarily as a residence, Karpowich said.

Chairman Gary Zane recalled that Smith himself had originally wanted to erect a fence along the property line but then never did it. Supervisors surmised that Smith mustn’t have wanted to spend the money for it.

But after the meeting, Karpowich and supervisors drove to the store to investigate, and they agreed the sign was too bright, Karpowich said. Snelson will be visiting the owner to seek a solution, Karpowich said.

Other neighbors have also filed complaints about the store, particularly related to trash blowing onto neighboring properties and noise levels.

In other business, Karpowich noted that a date was about to be announced for oral arguments in resident David Green’s appeal to the