Nuangola Borough Buys New Pickup

Nuangola Borough now has a new truck, just as its remaining pickup has begun “making funny noises” and sounding as if its transmission is about to fail, President Joe Tucker said at the Feb. 13 council meeting.

“It’s supposed to be 55 degrees, so that’s about right,” he joked, noting he had tried to get the new truck before the most recent snowstorm but hadn’t been able to arrange for it quite that quickly.

The new truck will be used for snow removal, roadwork and other borough work.

Council had planned to finance the truck through a loan and then make monthly payments from the borough’s liquid fuels account –money the state allots to municipalities annually for roadwork.

But the state Department of Transportation representative overseeing the liquid fuels money said council could instead take a lump sum of $20,000 from the liquid fuels account.

The total cost of the truck was $60,957.50. The borough had a $16,500 insurance payout from a fire that destroyed the borough’s dump truck last spring. After using the insurance payout and the $20,000 from the liquid fuels account, the borough was able to cover the remaining $24,457.50 with money from its reserve account. This means the borough will avoid the added expense of interest that council members had originally expected to pay on a loan.

Council has applied for a Local Share Account grant –a grant from gaming funds –to buy another truck to replace the dying pickup as well as to build a pole barn to house both trucks. Workers managed to