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“shoehorn” the new truck into the township’s current garage, “but we had to have three people standing there” to help maneuver it into the crowded space, Tucker said.

In other business, James Stook, the new planning commission president, asked for an update on nuisance properties in the borough. Solicitor Jack Dean had intended to present a report on those properties at this meeting, as stated in January’s meeting minutes. But Dean was not present, and the attorney who attended in his stead, David Scherer, had no report.

Four properties that had been discussed at previous meetings are still delinquent, Tucker said, noting a few others had been cleaned up. But more properties are being added to the list because “now that people know we’re targeting delinquent properties, everybody wants their neighbor dealt with,” he said.

In other business:

Councilman Michael Johnson reported that the borough’s sewer authority is about to foreclose on a property for nonpayment, although he couldn’t announce the name of the property owner because it’s not yet a matter of public record.

Secretary Sabine Thomas said 23 delinquent accounts remain on the trash bill rolls, and she plans to forward that list to Dean for review. She also said County Waste still had not provided her with a requested schedule of trash pickup dates for holiday weeks in 2018. She had hoped to send out a schedule with the 2018 bills.