Xvergent Offers New Internet Options In Mountain Top
XVERGENT COMES TO MOUNTAIN TOP-Xvergent, a wireless internet company, is now serving most of Fairview Township and parts of Wright Township, offering packages for businesses and residents. Shown, from left, are: Johnathon Nicholson, Customer Service Manager; Shane Grady, Sales Rep., and Jeff Zaykowski, CEO and Co-Founder

Parts of Mountain Top can now get wireless internet service from a small, local company.

Xvergent High Speed Internet, based in Jessup, serves most of Fairview Township and parts of Wright Township with packages for both business and residential customers, and the service area is continually expanding. In fact, cofounder Jeff Zaykowski said it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s expanding daily.

That’s because every time the company adds another internet customer, it gains a new vantage point from which its service may be beamed. Last week alone, the company did 15 new internet installations.

“It’s starting to boom,” Zaykowski said.

He estimates the company currently has about 50 to 100 customers in Luzerne County, with a larger customer base toward Scranton, where its service originated.

The company has served Luzerne County for about six months and the Scranton area for a little over a year.

Xvergent is a spinoff of SWG, a small company that sells new and refurbished broadband equipment globally. Sometimes, when customers bought equipment from SWG, they began asking why SWG couldn’t just install it for them too. Zaykowski listened, and Xvergent was the result.

Xvergent differs from other internet providers in several ways, Zaykowski said. For instance:

Internet is not shared as it is with cable internet. “If you have service that’s working fine when all the kids are in school, and then it’s 5 or 6 p. m. and you wonder why you can’t stream a movie” because the service is slow, that’s because the system is jammed with too many users. Xvergent’s service is wireless, so it’s not carried through shared cables. It’s beamed from towers, a bit like cell phone towers.

The company is small, so when you call, you talk to a person. And you might even get the company cofounder at your installation. Zaykowski said he still does installations sometimes.

Service is sometimes quicker. The company uses LTE (long term evolution) technology, and it’s “higher-end equipment,” Zaykowski said. “We can upgrade through software, not by climbing ladders.”

Even installations can be quicker. “When you call, we can do it that day,” Zaykowski said, noting an installation takes one to three hours and the customer might not even need to be on the premises, depending on the specifics of the situation.

Service can be more reliable. When cables are involved, they can get cut. But if wind blows down a piece of Xvergent’s equipment, there are multiple towers that can take over for each other. Some financial institutions have switched to Xvergent, Zaykowski said, because they need to have guaranteed 24/7 service.

Customers are not locked into contracts. “If you don’t like our service, why would we hold you hostage?” Zaykowski said. The company simply comes to collect its equipment if a customer wants to give up service.

As far as pricing goes, “we try to stay competitive,” Zaykowski said. For residential customers, this translates to $45 per month for 15 megabytes per second, the “basic” internet package billed as good for a household using one to three devices at the same time. There’s also the “standard” package --$65 per month at 25 megabytes per second, good for three to seven devices at a time –and the “advanced” package, $95 per month at 40 megabytes per second, good for seven to 10 devices at a time. The package prices include the router, and there are no taxes or fees.

“It’s a flat bill,” Zaykowski said.

Business internet packages are priced according to specific company needs, and Xvergent can even piggyback onto existing internet service, Zaykowski said. For instance, he could go to a college campus that already has other internet service and use wireless technology to transmit the existing internet service to a new dorm without using wires or cables.

For customers who would like to use Xvergent but aren’t yet located within the service area, Zaykowski urges that they keep checking back.

“Within the next three to six months, we’ll have more coverage in the Mountain Top area,” he said.

To see a map of coverage area or for information, go to xvergent.com.