Abe’s Hot Dogs To Sponsor Shootout Competition At Hoops For Hope March 6

The 10th Annual Crestwood Hoops for Hope is proud to present A Shootout Competition sponsored by Abe’s Hot Dogs in Mountain Top at the Crestwood High School Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 (Approx. 7:55 p. m.) during Crestwood’s 10th Annual Hoops for Hope.

A raffle will be held in which prospective participants can purchase tickets for a $5 donation. Five participants will be selected from the raffle. The contest will take place at halftime of the Championship Game (approximately 7:55 p. m.).

The shootout: Participants will have 30 seconds to successfully make a layup, free throw, three-pointer and a half-court shot. Unlimited attempts allowed in 30 seconds. If successful, the winner will receive a $150.00 gift certificate to Abe’s Hot Dog’s in Mountain Top.

Just for being selected to participate, all contestants will receive a $15 gift certificate to Abe’s Hot Dog’s in Mountain Top.

Official Rules:

Gameplay: Participants will start next to the basket for their first layup. They must wait until the horn sounds, or some other signal to begin the competition is made. The challenge duration is 30 seconds. Any shot released prior to the starting horn or after the ending horn will not be counted.

Ties: Should two contestants successfully complete the challenge, the fastest time will win. If still tied, a three-round free throw shot out will ensue. Contestant who went first during challenge will shoot second during tiebreaker. Additional rounds played as necessary.

Basketball: Participants may use any basketball provided by Crestwood Hoops for Hope.

Basketball Lodged: Should the basketball become lodged between the rim and backboard, or one of the supports, the time will stop and the contestant will be allowed to retrieve the basketball.

Contestant: The winning ticket pulled allows the contestant one entry into the contest. They may either select themselves, or someone else present to compete. There is a maximum of two winning entries per person.

Replay: Contest officials reserve the right to utilize video replay, if necessary.

All contest decisions will be made by Crestwood Hoops for Hope and will be final.

Abe’s Hot Dogs is located at 315 South Mountain Blvd. New owner Jordan Kotowski announces Abe’s is now open Mondays. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 10:30am-6:30pm and Saturday’s 11am-4 pm..