Saint Jude School

SAINT JUDE SCHOOL HONORS VOLUNTEERS-The Saint Jude School community recently held their annual Volunteer Luncheon to honor the adults who help the school to run and grow day in and day out. Sister Ellen Fischer, SCC, along with the school Parent Teacher Guild held the luncheon to show their appreciation for the time and commitment of parents, grandparents and numerous other volunteers who run Book Fairs, coach teams, help in the Library, help at Lunch and Recess, plan programs to benefit the children and complete a variety of behind the scenes work in the Saint Jude School community. The volunteers were treated to a catered lunch and then invited to the weekly school Mass, led by the First Grade class. During the Mass, Father Joe Evanko, pastor, honored the volunteers with a special blessing from the children. Volunteers left with a sense of appreciation for what they accomplish in the school community and renewed energy to continue to serve. Shown Sister Ellen Fischer, SCC, celebrates with school volunteers, from left, Jessica Sweet, Cindy Wasley, Jill Carone, Rose Martin and Katie Gallagher.