Kranson Named Coordinator Of Autism Lifelong Learning Program At Misericordia Univ.
Katy J. Kranson

The Misericordia University Autism Center has named Katy J. Kranson the program coordinator for the Autism Lifelong Learning Program in the College of Health Sciences and Education.

At Misericordia University, Kranson supports the director of the program in areas of training and supervision of job coaches, and maintaining compliance of state and federal mandates and regulations. In addition, she works closely with Luzerne County’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and insures individualized service plans for clients are completed and implemented in the field.

Kranson also recruits additional job sites for client placement and visits them regularly in order establish strong working relationships with the employers’ department managers.

A resident of Mountaintop, Kranson has extensive experience working with children and adults with special needs, including those who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, at the Jewish Community Center, Wilkes-Barre. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy from the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Connecticut. In addition, Kranson has completed continuing education training in Adult Autism Waiver Employment/Vocational Services, and numerous training programs with the Bureau of Autism Services.

The Autism Lifelong Learning Program provides pre-vocational, vocational and community living skills to adults who have been diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum or dually diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities. The program’s primary objective is to enable the adults participating in the program to obtain supported or competitive employment in a fully integrated setting with at least a minimum wage.

The Autism Center added the new program because of the region’s shortage of available resources and services for people on the autism spectrum.

The Autism Lifelong Learning Program fills the gap that occurs when people with autism complete high school and ensures adults with autism receive the ongoing support and services they need.

Misericordia received licensure for the program from the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs. The Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services, the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs, and the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation also have approved of and qualified the services of the Autism Lifelong Learning Program.

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